Troubleshooting and how to use advanced features

How to connect to the server?

Open sauerbraten and type /connect

How do I install my authkey?

Please review these videos for help.

How to make this server always visible in the server list?

Type /keepserver and it will always appear at the top of the list

How to register?

Just follow this link and complete the form

Server commands #help

For most commands you will need a clientnumber [cn]
To show [cn] in game type /showclientnum 1

  • #pm : pm [cn] [message] Sends private message to user
  • #help : help [command] Shows info about command or lists server commands
  • #info : info Show server version and uptime
  • #ghost : ghost [cn] [1|0] Ghost mode for coopedit, ghost can't edit map
  • #banlist : banlist [0|1] Show ban list
  • #seen : seen [nickname] Show the last time player was connected to the server
  • #mute : mute [cn] (reason) Mute player
  • #kick : kick (time) Kick and ban player for time
  • #muteban : muteban [cn] [time] (reason) Mute a player for a determined period of time
  • #rename : rename [cn] [name] Change the name of specified client
  • #findpban : findpban [ip|mask] Find pbans that have a certain ip/mask.
  • #disc : disc [cn] Disconnect player from server
  • #getip : getip [cn] Show player's ip
  • #delpban : delpban [n] Clear specified permanent ban
  • #delban : delban [n] Clear specified ban
  • #ban : ban [cn|ip] [reason] Add permanent ban
  • #whois : whois [cn] (0|1|2) Search in database 5 most used nicknames of player
  • #wall : wall [message] Display a message to all clients
  • #unmute : unmute [cn] Unmute player
  • #settime : time [min] [sec] Time limit for current round
  • #syncauth : syncauth Reload authkeys
  • #spectator : spectator [1|0] [cn] Spectate or unspectate player
  • #specall : specall [1|0] Spectate or unspectate all players
  • #gtime : gtime [min] Time limit for every next round
  • #givemaster : givemaster [cn] Give master rights
  • #mutemode : mutemode [mode] Mode: 0-everyone can speak, 1-except spectators, 2-only masters and admins, 3-only admins

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  •  Time: 30.821 seconds
  •  Map: roller-coaster-race

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  •  Mapper: Cubic Matter, Some fixes by ISMC|TritamK
  •  Map: Cmrace
  •  Version: 1.1

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