What is Racing Xtreme?

Here's the scoop.

Everything you need to know!

What do the different color names mean?

  • White - These racers are casual players that enjoy playing, but are not a verified racer.

  • Purple - Racers that enjoy the server and want to track their stats, register here on the website and are verified when connecting to the server.

  • Orange - These members are moderators of the server. They maintain and report any bugs. They are also in charge of removing players that are a disturbance and may occasionally go on a power-drunk fit of rage and ban everyone for shits and giggles.

I registered, now what?!


There currently three different record types:

  • Personal Best: This time is your best run for the current map. Allowing you to always strive to improve your time.

  • Weekly Records: This time shows the best completed time for the current map for the calendar week. These records reset every Sunday.

  • Global Records: This time presents the best record for the current map, worldwide between all verified racers EVER!

How do I level up?

Earn [XP]

As you race and complete maps you will earn [XP], this will earn you points to gain levels and be the first to reach our maxed level!
Here is a breakdown of different ways to earn [XP]:

  • [+1 XP] for finishing the race in 3rd place.
  • [+2 XP] for finishing the race in 2nd place.
  • [+3 XP] for finishing the race in 1st place.
  • [+25 XP] for setting a better Personal Best.
  • [+30 XP] for setting a better Weekly Record.
  • [+100 XP] for setting a better Global Record.

[XP] is stack-able, so if you finish 1st and beat the Global Record you will be awarded [+103 XP] total. (All [XP] is given at the end of the race, except for Personal Best which can be earned multiple times during one race.)

Level System

As you continue to earn [XP] you will eventually | level | up! Giving you more unique { tags } when you connect and also when you finish the race. Want to be the first to reach MAXED RANK? Here's how:

  • |1| { Newbie } - begginning rank.
  • |2| { Reckless Racer } - earn [1,000 XP].
  • |3| { Bind Beast } - earn another [9,000 XP].
  • |4| { Pistol Pro } - earn another [15,000 XP].
  • |5| { Recon Warrior } - earn another [25,000 XP].
  • |6| { Jumping Jedi } - earn another [50,000 XP].
  • |7| { Light Wave } - earn another [150,000 XP].
  • |8| { Hyper Speed } - earn another [250,000 XP].
  • |9| { Xtreme } - earn another [500,000 XP].
  • |10| { MAXED } - earn another [4,000,000 XP].

General Info

Cube 2: Sauerbraten is an open-source and cross-platform first person shooter game.
It has many game modes available and allow players to join multiplayer games thanks to hosting servers.

Cube 2 has an old-school design, and game-play concept but with custom servers come new ideas. This is where Racing Xtreme comes into play.

We host a race and parkor server that allows players around the world to not only race eachother but create and submit their own race maps! Maps can be made in-game with your friends and submitted here on the website. After the map is approved your project will automatically be added to the rotation!

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