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    Raxing Xtreme is a server dedicated to bringing Cube 2: Sauerbraten a community of creative mappers, competitive racers, and supportive administration together. Cube 2 has many game modes available and allow players to join multiplayer games thanks to hosting servers.

    Cube 2: Sauerbraten is an old voxel style game that continues to develop, and with custom servers come new ideas! This is where Racing Xtreme comes into play.

    We host a race and parkour server that allows players around the world to not only race eachother, but create and submit their own race maps! Maps can be made in-game with your friends and submitted here on the website. After the map is approved your project will automatically be added to the rotation!

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Racing Xtreme League

racing-xtreme-league-team-picture Racing Xtreme Mod Team

Can you hang with the Big League? Join Now! Every month Racing Xtreme will host a racing tournament open to all and any Registered racer willing to participate. In a different timezone? No problem, you have a full week to submit your time results! What's in it for me? Tournament Winners will be announced on our Discord Server and here on the website, they will also recieve a huge boost in [XP] and if they are lucky lootkey drops!

Reasons to Register!

Name protection

Keep calm and let the server rename and kick fakers.

Global Time Records

Can you beat the best time around the world?

Privacy mode

Race Incognito. Rename and your stats will still be registered without players seeing it.

Accurate statistics

Like keeping track? We have XP, Wins, Played Time and more!

Map Voting

Whether you love or dislike a map, vote on it and let the author(s) know.

Map Submissions

Submit your maps directly from the site!

Global and Local Rankings

See your best runs and how well you rank.

Achievements and Medals

If you like an additional challenge, unlock achievements and earn medals.

And even more to discover!

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