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»new« Announcement!

Racing Xtreme will now be hosting Long Races! No need to register twice, your auth and verification will transfer to the new server.

In addition our Discord Server now has a new irc channel #long-races-irc. This channel will relay in-game chat to discord similar to #xtreme-irc. If you have any questions please contact nopnotme.

Perks of Registering

Get verified with name protection

Keep calm and let the server rename and kick name fakers.

Compete globally for the top record

Beat the fastest overall time to claim the map record!

Save personal time records

Can you beat your personal best on each map?

Incognito mode

Race Incognito. Rename to an unused name and your stats will still be registered without players seeing it.

Vote on map rotation

You can vote on maps you do and do not like and admins will remove unwanted maps.

Submit your own map creations

Submit your maps directly from the site and start playing them in game!

View global and local rankings

See your best runs and compare them to the top players.

Smart AI bot

This static bot can help clients with dynamic text recognition and event handlers.

And even more to discover!

Last Record
  •  Player: snail
  •  Time: 15.274 seconds
  •  Map: sp_race-02-marsbase2

Newest Upload
  •  Mapper: Cubic Matter, Some fixes by ISMC|TritamK
  •  Map: Cmrace
  •  Version: 1.1

Newest Member
  •  Racer: test

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  •  emerge@world 3 days ago

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